Jim Kirk - Composer, Programmer, Guitarist, Vocals, Mixing and Mastering.

It all started with a high school band.  Every year, my high school did a end of the year musical performance; the songs were always quite boring with practically everyone trying to lipsync (I once did a bass vocal solo of Silent Night with everybody singing the other parts trying to lipsync...also, I'm a tenor.)  One year, we managed to convince the teacher to let us do our own songs.  We all got in our groups and started practicing.  I ended up performing Love Me Do by the Beatles on the harmonica.  Some of my friends decided to learn how to play the guitar and perform a Green Day song; the performance was entertaining, and I wanted to be a part of it.  I bought my first bass guitar when I was 18, hoping to perform with my friends.  Unfortunately, my friends were not interested in putting much effort into learning a new song, so the next year they decided to just sing to a prerecorded backing track.  I had my bass, but nobody to play with.  That is when my dad (who is a guitarist that has been looking for an opportunity to get me interested in playing the guitar) suggested I play the guitar.  He lent me his, and I practiced for hours every day.  I bought my first guitar soon after, and performed an instrumental song by Nightiwsh.  I was hooked.  For several years, I played the guitar.  I started getting interested in recording my own album, so I started working.  Initially, I was going to make a guitar instrumental, but I eventually decided I want vocals.  The problem was, I did not know how to properly sing.  I started listening to Kamelot around this time, and I was heavily influenced by Roy Khan.  I set out to youtube land to learn to master my voice.  A few years later, my first album "Childhood Nightmare" was released.  That is my brief story.  I know more is to come, and I can't wait to experience what life has to offer me.

Sample Music